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Madisen O’Laughlin

As a student at the Arthur Murray in Santa Barbara, Madisen found herself wanting to help out more and more with the new students.

Even more than dancing with students of her same skill level. Before long, she returned to Northern California and began teaching at the Hayward studio. In less than a two year span this hard-working, whatever-it-takes teacher, became a manager. When Walnut Creek became official, Madisen was the opening day manager and that hasn’t changed. She’s helped to rally the team, cultivate a similar demeanor in all the staff, and that has turned Arthur Murray Walnut Creek into one of the fastest growing new locations in the world.

(Finish this sentence) Before Arthur Murray, I worked as a….

“Life guard and swim instructor. I had a real tan back then.”

What is one off-the-wall weird fact about you?

“I think butterflies are disgusting and I hate everything about them.”